Hi, I am Paige Elliott

Personal Branding Guru, Speaker & host


Paige is a Personal Branding Guru, Speaker and Host. Her mission is to help individuals become the best version of themselves and reach their full potential. Through her faith in God, and natural ability to motivate and inspire others, Paige continues to make a valuable difference through empowerment and professional support.

Paige offers personal branding consultations, and host workshops, and seminars. Her passion for self-development led her to launch Prevail Network; a community dedicated to evolving oneself.  

Outside of her career, Paige takes pride in being a mother to her daughter Kassidy Rae. She is also very committed to managing her churches media and communications. As a former collegiate athlete, Paige enjoys playing basketball in her spare time and creating memories with her family.

Personal Branding

Paige specializes in personal branding, helping others showcase their authentic self. She brings experience as an employment branding consultant leading a global team for a prestigious financial company.  

Paige has assisted employees to stand out at work by uncovering their full potential in the workplace. Through dedicated workshops, employees learn to position their skills and expertise to gain visibility and create new opportunities for themselves.  

As a former publicist, Paige has helped hundreds of professional athletes, small business owners, and corporate professionals discover their brand identity and position their stories to their target audiences.  Her education includes a Bachelors’s degree in communication studies, emphasizing in broadcast journalism and a Master’s degree in Public Relations and Marketing.

Speaker and host

To create a fulfilling and meaningful event, contact Paige to serve as a professional speaker and host at your next event! From speaking at corporate companies and universities, Paige is a natural motivator ready to help you continuously evolve yourself.

She speaks on personal branding, public relations, and self-help topics. Paige brings high energy, authenticity, and realness to every speaking engagement or event, and is known to leave the audience empowered and ready to take action.

Prevail Network

Prevail Network is a personal development platform for ambitious millennials dedicated to constantly evolving oneself. Our culture is propelled by purpose, power and influence.

Prevail Network consist of self-help resources to support individuals on their personal and professional journeys, become their best self. Resources include motivation and empowerment, interviews, industry spotlights, workshops and events all focused on self-development.

The Core of Prevail Network:
To overcome
To be victorious
To be greater in strength
To be greater in influence
Proving to be more powerful than opposing forces
To be superior in strength, power and influence.

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